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Trading using Binary options vs Gambling in casinos

binaryTrading using Binary options is a financial module that generates high payouts for trades that are successfully. On the other hand, casino gambling is all about selecting a specific type of bets, laying bets, and then makes money if your bet was right. Typically, the result of gambling is uncertain and usually depends on whether you have good luck or not. Trading using binary options usually relies on business statistics or modules.

The similarities and differences between them

Trading using binary options depends on the trading techniques you use and the initial investment you start with. It is considered to be one of the simpler types of trading and you will still be able to make money whether you are a broker or trader. Additionally, you will still be able to receive high returns and profit in a short time. Casino gambling usually involves placing your bets on probability of a specific even taking place. For example, online sports gambling involve you betting on whether a specific team is going to win or not. If you ended up being right, you are going to make money.

Another difference is the risk associated with both of them. When it comes to casino gambling, risk is considered to be undefined and usually depends on factors that can’t be controlled on the players. Gamblers also depend on luck most of the time instead of trading techniques. When it comes to binary options, the trader can be somewhat in control of the risk levels by using different business models and analysis techniques.

Most of the time, casinos will ensure that players will win at least a small amount of money because this will result in them getting hooked whereas trading binary options usually takes place in a formal manner. Stock brokers will even inform traders that there is a risk they will lose all their money from the beginning. Even though both rely on time deadlines, players can still gamble for as long as they want whereas binary options trading usually involves a deadline. Some online brokers have even introduced different types of deadlines such as sixty seconds.

Even though both casinos gambling and trading binary options have a lot of differences, both of them can result in problems such as losing all your money or addiction if you aren’t very careful. Even though addiction is most likely going to affect gambler, traders should also take your time in analysing all the different strategies and modules to avoid losing all their money. 

Importance of having a trading diary

Every professional trader has their own secrets and trading secrets but this doesn’t mean that you won’t find similarities between top traders. Trading binary options also depends on skills such as discipline, patience, and persistency. Many people understanding the importance of keeping a diary during the process of trading binary options but this is very important. Not only will a diary be a reminder for the things you learn, but going through it during the same trade will ensure that you won’t do the same mistakes all over again.

Owning a diary will enable you to understand your progress and performance. Through writing the different trades you participated in and what moves you made, you can understand the mistakes you did, your weakness, and which areas you have completely mastered. This will enable you to go back and understand how you can improve some of the mistakes you did so you don’t do them again. Another reason why you should keep a diary is because traders tend to forget the moves they make as soon as they won or finished the trade. This will result in you not being able to remember the steps you made to win the trade.

Are there any recommended mediums?

This differs depending on the trader as some of them prefer keeping a physical book and others user programs such as excel.  If you are trading binary options using an online binary broker, then it is recommended that you use excel because it utilizes a unique tabulator calculation features that will greatly help you.  A good broker is hard to find and it is recommended to check out

What should I record in the diary?

The most important thing you should record in your diary is time whether it’s the time the trade started or closed. You should also record the reason of loss or profit. Believe it or not, many traders have also found it beneficial to record their mental state during the trade as well. This will enable you to understand whether your bad mood affected the decisions you made or you just don’t understand the binary trading strategies well enough.

You can also take screenshots of charts you used for a specific trade so you can remember to use it again. Make sure that you add whether you lost or won the trade each time and the reason why that happened so you won’t repeat the same mistakes again. Following these tips will ensure that you will be on your road to become a great trader by time.

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