Online baccarat

Baccarat is the one game that gives you the most realistic chance of winning because it offers one of the lowest house edges, normally around 1.06%. Although it is available at almost all online casinos, the game still has a mysterious edge. Maybe because it the favourite game of the one and only Mr. Bond or maybe it is because of the private high stakes rooms. There are many different variants of the popular game but the two most common variants are Baccarat Banque and Chemin De Fleur.


Although it is not exactly sure where the game originated, it is believed that the oldest card game in the world was first played in 1400 in Italy. Somewhere around 1490 it was played in France by returning soldiers and became increasingly popular among French nobility. In 1847 Charles Van-Tena wrote a 13 page mathematical study which was the first definite reference to the game.

The game might have been played among friends for many years but was introduced to casinos in Las Vegas only in 1958. The first version played was Chemin de Fer but the cuban variant Punto Banco soon followed.

The Cuban version, also referred to as mini baccarat is smaller than big table games. The stakes are lower and players are fewer. Punto Banco only has one dealer, other than big table games that can have as many as three casino employees handling the pay-out and bets. Because the game is faster and hassle-free, it is very popular at online casinos.


  • Chemin De Fer

The games is played like a big table game of baccarat so players take turns to deal. The person that deals automatically becomes the banker and will bet against the other players. The banker bets on the banker hand and the other players bets on the player hand.

Before the deal begins, the banker will place his bet. This will usually be how much he is willing to risk or willing to match. The first player to place a bet is the person on the left side of the banker. Everybody then takes turns to bet and the highest better will become the players representative.

Like in most baccarat games, each players and the banker will be dealt two cards. Should a natural 8 or 9 be dealt, the winner is declared. If this is not the case, the player and the banker will have the choice to draw a third card. The winner is announced and bets are paid out. The banker-player will remain in his position until he loses after which the player on the left will be offered to be the new banker.

  • Baccarat Banque –

This variation is usually played with a three deck shoe which typically stays with the banker. The banker will not rotate in this variation of baccarat and will be chosen either by auction or it can be the first name on the game’s list. The banker will take his position in the middle of the table.

The cards then gets shuffled and cut by the players and the dealer. After this the three hands are dealt by the banker, player hands to his left and right and one hand for the bank.

The banker bets on the banker hand and the players bet on the players hand, but only on their side of the table. Should they want to bet on the other players hand, they can do it by placing a bet in the middle of the table.

The banker then place his wager. The bet of one player may not be more than the bet of the banker, nor may the total of all players bets. If a player announces that he want to bank, he will need to match the wager of the banker on his side or both players hands. If the player wins, he takes over the banker title. If he loses three times, that player will not be allowed to go bank again. When the betting is finished, the win will be according to standard baccarat scoring.


  • The banker is the best bet

It is advisable to bet on the banker because the banker will win over 50% of the time. Every win has 5% deducted in order not to give the player a edge so you can just as well bet on the banker.

  • Stick to the banker, until he loses of course

If the banker goes on a streak from your first bet, stick to the banker. Keep in mind that a streak might not go on forever, so don’t be too aggressive with you bets.

  • After a banker loss, wait one decision

Should you lose the banker bet, the player wins. Do not make another bet immediately, rather wait for the next decision. Whatever the decision is, that is what you should bet. If it’s a tie, no-one loses.