Online Roulette

Online Roulette is one of the most popular casino games ever. A player’s heart stops the moment the wheel starts spinning and the ball drops. Until the ball settles onto a slot and the wheel stops spinning, the outside world is but an afterthought for the eager player. At first glance, it looks like a simple game to master, but looks can be deceiving. To be great at the game, one must first understand it.

To truly understand the game the player needs to go beyond the simple process of betting on numbers and watching the ball drop. There are different odds and bet types which, if used correctly, can give players an important edge. It is also important to understand common jargon so as to know what is going on during the game.

Useful Terms

There are many keywords used in roulette and very few players know them all. Terms including Block Betting, Cheval and Column Bet are just 3 of many different ways that a player can place a bet on the game. The term Orphans, meanwhile, refers to betting specifically on 6, 17 & 34 as they are next to each other on the wheel but far apart on the wagering layout. Finally, the Croupier is the person who manages the roulette game and is sometimes called the dealer.

Playing The Game

Put very simply, playing online roulette involves picking colours and numbers, placing bets and watching the ball drop. However, players who only know this much risk losing most of their bets. There are a number of versions of the game online, however many follow the same general rules.

The game involves 37 numbers, split between a green 0 and 2 sets of 18 numbers, coloured red or black. Once bets are finished, the croupier spins the ball onto the outer part of the wheel, which leads it to hop between the numbered spaces until it stops on one. The players that bet on the number or colour it stops on, win.

Types Of Bets

One of the more challenging aspects when learning the game is the many types and ways to place bets. Depending on the version of the game, there might be a minimum bet value for inside and outside bets, or a combination of both.

Inside bets are those which are made on a particular number or a small number of numbers at a time. Examples of such bet types are the Split, the Street and the Corner. It naturally follows that outside bets refer to bets which encompass a larger number of numbers. Very popular examples of such bets include the Red/Black, the Odd/Even and the Dozens. Outside bets are a lot less risky than inside bets, but their winnings are lower too.

Game Odds

Understanding the odds of the game allows players to create a good winning strategy. Fortunately, a player doesn’t need to be great at Math to grasp the game’s odds. In the 37-number roulette, the house’s edge is 2.7% or 1/37. The payout of different types of bets is directly related to the odds of winning that bet. A risky bet on a single number has about 2.5% of winning, whilst a less risky Odd/Even bet has an almost 50% chance of success.

Land-based casinos players would often seek poorly constructed roulette wheels which were said to have Wheel Bias. This is when the ball has a higher chance of landing on certain numbers. Online Roulette is, of course, completely fair, so players need to use their knowledge of odds and bets to find a good ratio between risk and success.

Using Strategy

Roulette is commonly known as being a luck based game, and to some extent this is true. The players have no control over which number the ball will land on, but they can control they win if they choose correctly.

Although the game allows a wide variety of bets, novice players should focus on using only a few. The Basket Bet, normally found on the American version of the game, should be avoided as it comes with very low odds. The same goes for betting solely on one number.

Before playing, players should decide whether to focus on the safe or risky approach. They should then decide whether to adopt the Martingale System, where they double their bets after every loss, or, the less common Reverse Martingale System, where they double their bets after every win. There are other strategies adopted by experienced players, but they all stem from this system.

Final Tips

If a player plays roulette to enjoy himself, then bets should be made gradually and spread across multiple games and types. Placing all the money on 1 bet can end the game very quickly. A player should also remember that the past results are no guarantee of the future ones, so each bet is best considered separately from the last. This, of course, does not apply if the player feels that he or she is on a winning streak.