Responsible Gaming

1. Introducing Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is a priority to us at As a trusted and reputable website offering casino content, we understand the importance of offering a secure and pleasant experience to all our users. We support and encourage responsible gaming by all our esteemed players. We got into the business because online gambling should be exciting, fun and entertaining. This was and will always be our main goal.

Whilst most of our users play responsibly and enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience, we understand that sometimes gambling can become a problem. Players should not be ashamed to seek help if this is ever the case, as gambling addiction can be cured. To help players who could potentially be facing a gambling addiction we have created this page full of proven practical support which can help prevent and identify a problem.

2. Playing Responsibly

Whilst you might not be suffering from a gambling addiction today, the possibility is always present. Fortunately, there are several tips you can follow to safeguard your gaming experience and keep it fun and exciting.

  • 1. Read this full guide to be aware of common signs of problem gambling
  • 2. Gambling should always be fun and entertaining, if it ever gets boring or stressful you should stop playing
  • 3. Losses in gambling are inevitable so you should consider them as payment for your entertainment
  • 4. Never gamble in order to try and recoup past losses
  • 5. Set limits on losses and deposits based on what you can afford
  • 6. Set limits on playing time so that you do not get too tired
  • 7. Learn about the games and find ones which match your bankroll and preferred gameplay mechanisms (RTP, odds, bonus features, etc.)
  • 8. Never borrow money to gamble as this is a sign that you cannot afford it
  • 9. Never expect to generate a reliable income from gambling
  • 10. You shouldn’t let gambling affect your personal social life

3. Identifying Problem Gambling

Problem gambling may be hard to identify because the problem normally develops gradually. Very often people around you would start to notice a problem with your gaming before you do. Be aware of any suggestion put forward by a friend or loved one and remember that they are only trying to help. Another way to help you identify problem gambling is by answering the following questions:

  • 1. Have you ever asked someone for money in order to gamble it?
  • 2. Do you hide your gambling activity from adults who are closest to you?
  • 3. Have you ever sold a valuable item in order to gamble it?
  • 4. Have you ever lied to loved ones regarding your gambling habits?
  • 5. Do you ever feel or have you ever been told that you are spending too much money on gambling?
  • 6. Do you pursue your gambling losses, hoping to get them back?
  • 7. Do you gamble whilst under the influence of substances, including alcohol?
  • 8. Do you find that you need to gamble with more money in order to feel as excited?
  • 9. Is gambling a way to escape boredom or to distract you from worries?
  • 10. Have you ever suffered health problems as a result of your gambling, such as stress or anxiety?
  • 11. Is gambling the reason for numerous arguments with your family? Have you ever given up buying food or other necessities in order to gamble?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you might be suffering from gambling addiction. Read on for steps on how you can get help.

4. Finding & Getting Help

If you feel that you cannot manage your gambling activity alone, there are professionals who are ready to help you. These organizations are trained and experienced to support players and offer cures to gambling addiction. Examples of these charitable organizations are:

Gambling Therapy offers anonymous support and cures to gamblers from their desktop and mobile websites. Their practical steps have helped thousands of players beat their addiction forever.

BeGambleAware offer a range of services to help with identifying and curing a gambling addiction. Their live chat function and telephone support service make them accessible at any time and in any location.

GamCare offers help and also provide real-life examples of gamblers who have succeeded to turn their life around. Users can read about gambler’s experiences and discuss them in dedicated forums.

5. Staying In Control

There are several ways in which you can keep control of your gambling habits. Using the following tools should allow you to manage your gaming experience effectively and keep it fun.

i. Setting deposit limits

You can set an upper limit on deposits you make in a day, week or month. This will help you manage the funds in your account as well as put a cap on potential losses.

ii. Starting a cooling-off period

Sometimes you need to take a break from gaming, but the temptation might prove too strong. By setting a cooling-off period, usually, of between one to 30 days, you are removing the possibility of temptation getting the better of you. In this time, apart from not being able to play or make deposits, you won’t be getting any promotional material from the operator.

iii. Committing to self-exclusion

If you feel that you require a longer time away from the games you can set a self-exclusion. The period of self-exclusion is normally longer than cooling-off periods and can last indefinitely. Once again, during a self-exclusion, you will not receive any marketing or promotional material.

To make the self-exclusion process easier, a tool called GAMSTOP can automatically exclude you from all UK operators. This tool only works if you are a resident of the UK. By using it you will automatically be excluded from physical and online casinos.

iv. Taking a break from social media

You can stop being a fan or following social media pages of operators so as not to get promotional material on your wall.

v. Using software to block gambling sites.

To easily prevent access to online gambling sites various tools are available. These work on both desktop computers and mobile devices and can help you manage your gambling experience better. Examples of these tools are PlayScan, Gamblock and Betfilter.

6. Protecting Minors And Under 18s

As a responsible casino / sports / news website, we take the protection of minors very seriously. should not be accessed or used by anyone under the age of 18 or below the legal age in their respective jurisdiction. Even if you are over the legal age you should ensure that no minor gets access to this site as doing so what would illegal.

All online casinos and affiliates need to follow very strict processes to verify the age of each user. This is achieved by making use of a variety of industry-standard KYC and Bank-ID procedures. Organizations such as are not legally allowed to advertise gambling in any way which might attract minors, however, you also need to do your part.

There are numerous steps you could take to greatly reduce the chances of minors accessing our site or those of our partners. Here are a few examples:

  • Install and activate dedicated child-protection software such as Net Nanny, CYBERsitter or CyberPatrol to instantly block all access to gambling and other restricted sites.
  • Do not promote gambling or make it look attractive or fun to anyone under the legal age
  • Do not leave any devices which are logged into your casino account unlocked and accessible by anyone else
  • Do not share your payment details with anyone, especially minors
  • Create different passwords for your payment and casino logins so that they are not the same as other passwords you might share with minors

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